Ana Dilim Nerede A'film by Veli Kahraman türkçe | english

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Director’s view

It can’t be a coincidence that two thousand four hundred languages in the world and eighteen languages in Turkey are in danger as mentioned in the 2008 report of UNESCO. While globalism creates a monotype social perception, at the same time it forms its own language and forces the usage. Languages originated from oral culture tradition like Zazaki (Dimli; Kirmanjki) have no chance to survive in this climate.

On the other hand, how can someone mention that a death caused by the local assimilation policy is natural? What can fill the gap which will be formed because of the extinction of any language? With Nationalist policies? With another language? What about the universe of spirit that has been founded above the cultural existence by human? If the start of everything is nomenclature; denying the languages of other’s wouldn’t this will be the denial of their existence? Perhaps counted as dead while still alive is something like this. Maybe the inner voice that Mustafa hears in his dreams for years is what he was looking for. And our inner voice is in which language?