Ana Dilim Nerede A'film by Veli Kahraman türkçe | english

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Elderly Mustafa learns that his mother tongue is facing with extinction and he sees himself responsible for the extinction as he couldn’t teach this language to his children. In the period that he needs to rest because of his illness, while obligated to confront the idea of getting end of his life, he decides to record his language which dies on the vine as far as he remembers. Life; becomes smaller as a flat in a large city and grows longer as the moments that we couldn’t drink a glass of water after waking up from nightmare.

“Where is my mother tongue” is an alienation and isolation story which portrayed by real characters with real places and has black humor at some parts. It is about; the efforts of an elderly, who thinks that he will be dead soon, trying to create his own solution with hope for the desperation that he faced with the extinction of his mother tongue; “the mother tongue” reality which cannot be hidden anymore after the years of banning for speaking own language even at home and the effects of the cultural trauma created by the official policies in Turkey over a middle class family.